Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saving for a Raining Day & a Sunny Day

Well Savings have been on my heart for a least over a year now and 2011 was a bust.

I had to get in game mode to do this and now I am in it. I ENJOY SEEING MY SAVINGS ACCOUNTS EXPAND.

I have been reading books and checking out financial websites and currently for the past year I have been enrolled at California Lutheran online Financial Planning MBA course.

Well I did it I step out (I took the leap of faith). I opened an account with ING online got a checking account and open up several savings account all on the advice of Bob Lotich at

I ENJOY SEEING MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT EXPAND. I get excited transferring monies into my savings accounts to meet goals I have. I have some debts to pay off, I have a Christmas vacation I am saving up for, and I have future goals as well.

I have been taken notes from Dave Ramsey, Rich Dad, Rich Woman, Creflo Dollar, Harold Herring, Bob Lotich and Gary Keese. The courses I have been taken at California Lutheran has been a big help as well. After compiling all of the similarities of what they said I took that WISDOM and implemented for myself to do. DID THIS TAKE AWHILE? YES. WAS THIS TIME CONSUMING? YES. WAS IT WORTH IT? YES

I began a plan for my life from savings, to insurance selection, starting businesses, investments and etc.

Below are a list of similarities from all these sources:

  1. Start an Emergency Fund

  2. Pay yourself first

  3. Give (Tithes/Charities)

  4. Save toward a goal (i.e. vacation to Aruba)

  5. Pay smaller debts off first

  6. Cut back in spending

  7. Find ways to create extra income (i.e. yard sales, EBay, Etsy, blogging,etc.)

  8. Start a business (start slow do it part time, use what you have)


Dave Ramsey
Robert Kioyaski
Kim Kiyosaki
Creflo Dollar
Harold Herring
Bob Lotich
Gary Keese

California Lutheran University (Online MBA Financial Planning)

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