Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woman's Day August 4, 2009 Issue "Easy Makeup Tips"

"When in doubt, let your hair color be your guide to selecting the right lip shade" Shalinia Vadhera

(Dust translucent powder over your lips before applying lipstick or gloss to make the color last longer. When wearing bright shades like red or coral, use a lip brush to paint on color perfectly).

Blonde Hair
Gold or nude with a hint of shimmer plays up lighter hair.

Brown Hair
Pale to rosy-pink lips pop with warmer tones.

Red Hair
This vibrant color looks most balanced when paired with shades of coral.

Black Hair
For perfect contrast, go bold and wear bright red or fuchsia lip colors.

"Determine your skin type before you apply" Liz Pugh

Dry Skin
Use a cream or liquid version to make skin luminous. Powders will just cause dry skin to look even drier.

Oily Skin
Opt for a pressed powder to help absorb the extra oils that rest on your skin's surface. Always choose soft, subtle colors -- they'll appear darker once the powder has absorbed any oil on your skin.

Sensitive Skin
If you skin is prone to redness or flushes easily, try loose mineral powder.

"The right eyeshadow combo will enhance your eye color" Joanna Schilip

Green & Blue Eyes
(Cool-colored eyes)
Look best with warmer tones like peach, caramel and copper.

Brown & Hazel Eyes
(Warm-colored eyes)
Select cooler hues like green and violet

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