Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tips for shopping at Drug Stores

Inside the store there is a weekly sales paper and a monthly booklet. The monthly booklet is the "Extra Value Book" this lists items that are offered for the month once purchased you will get an Extra Care Buck (ECB) coupon(s) attached to your receipt. The good thing about Extra Care Bucks (ECB) it is like money but ONLY in CVS. Just cut them off and redeem them before they expire.

Inside the store there is a weekly sales paper and a monthly booklet. The monthly booklet is the Monthly Rebate Directory, which lists items that are offered for the month once purchased you will get a rebate check. You can mail in your purchase information see monthly booklet for information or you can sign up online to receive your rebate check.


Inside the store there is a weekly sales paper. There are also Register Rewards (RR) which will be noted in the weekly ad. The good thing about Register Rewards(RR) it is like money but ONLY in WALGREEN. Redeem them before they expire.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

5 Ways to Treat Your Feet by Shap Magazine online

Show your feet some much-needed attention: Scrub, soften and safeguard.

Scrub every day
Keep a nailbrush in your shower, along with a pumice stone or foot file, and spend a few minutes focusing on your feet every time you bathe. Scrub under your nails, and rub callused, rough areas with the file or stone for up to one minute. (You can also add an exfoliating scrub to this skin-smoothing routine.) Just don't scrub so hard that you rub the skin raw or you get rid of calluses altogether. Some callus is necessary to help protect your feet; keep razors away from your heels. If you puncture skin or use instruments not sterilized properly, you could end up with an infection.

Clip nails right
If you leave your nails too long, they can hit the edge of your shoes and bruise. If you clip them too short, you may trigger ingrown toenails. The best advice: Every three to four weeks, after you've showered or soaked your feet, use small clippers to trim, cutting straight across. If you start to notice redness or inflammation around the nail (early signs of an ingrown nail), clean out the area by soaking your foot in vinegar diluted with water. If the condition persists, see a podiatrist, who can clean and drain the infection using specifically designed, sterilized tools and prescribe antibotics if necessary.

Soften skin
Dried, cracked foot skin? Moisturizing your feet should be your number one priority. After a shower and before bed, apply a moisturizer. (Wear socks overnight to prevent the cream from rubbing off.)

Towel-dry toes and feet
Bacteria and fungus that can lead to athlete's foot and other infections thrive in dark, moist environments--and the areas between the toes provide just that. The key: Always change out of sweaty socks and shoes, and be sure to towel-dry your feet--and between your toes--after swimming or showering. If you do notice flaking, scaling skin, try an over-the-counter athlete's-foot preparation. If the problem persists longer than a week, see your doctor.

Don't skip sun protection
It's easy to forget about your feet when you're applying sunscreen, but they can get sunburned just as quickly--and as badly--as any other area of your body. So if you're going to be wearing sandals or going barefoot, apply a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB-blocking) sunscreen with a SPF of at least 15.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

All Ingles' Shopper's

Ingles' Sale
(week of 7/12/2009 thru 7/18/2009)

Beef Whole Sirloin Tip $1.98 pound

Many Usages:
1) It can be cut in to a roast
2) It can be grounded for burgers
3) It can be cut into kabobs
4) It can be cut into stir fry strips
5) It can be cut into beef stew cubes
6) It can be cut into cube steaks

Go and buy and save!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woman's Day August 4, 2009 Issue "Easy Makeup Tips"

"When in doubt, let your hair color be your guide to selecting the right lip shade" Shalinia Vadhera

(Dust translucent powder over your lips before applying lipstick or gloss to make the color last longer. When wearing bright shades like red or coral, use a lip brush to paint on color perfectly).

Blonde Hair
Gold or nude with a hint of shimmer plays up lighter hair.

Brown Hair
Pale to rosy-pink lips pop with warmer tones.

Red Hair
This vibrant color looks most balanced when paired with shades of coral.

Black Hair
For perfect contrast, go bold and wear bright red or fuchsia lip colors.

"Determine your skin type before you apply" Liz Pugh

Dry Skin
Use a cream or liquid version to make skin luminous. Powders will just cause dry skin to look even drier.

Oily Skin
Opt for a pressed powder to help absorb the extra oils that rest on your skin's surface. Always choose soft, subtle colors -- they'll appear darker once the powder has absorbed any oil on your skin.

Sensitive Skin
If you skin is prone to redness or flushes easily, try loose mineral powder.

"The right eyeshadow combo will enhance your eye color" Joanna Schilip

Green & Blue Eyes
(Cool-colored eyes)
Look best with warmer tones like peach, caramel and copper.

Brown & Hazel Eyes
(Warm-colored eyes)
Select cooler hues like green and violet

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Think on this............

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill