Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where to get coupons?

First location to look is in your Sunday newspaper

There are usually up to three coupon inserts in there, Red Plum (RP), Proctor and Gamble (PG), and Smart Source (SS).

Also within the newspaper are coupons as well as the newspaper magazine i.e. Parade.

Second location to look is on the Internet

Here are a listing of sites I look at a)
b) c)

You can also print website coupons twice. Once you print the first time just use the back arrow until you get back to the printing stage and it will print again.

Third location to look are in the Store Aisles

There are "BLINKIES" sticking out on shelves that blink, you pull out a coupon and it dispenses another one.

There are also coupons on product items.

Final location to look but not limited to are Magazines

Check out Health magazine, Men's magazine, Fashion magazines, Store magazines and etc.

There are other locations to get coupons just be on the look out.

There are many different types of coupons.

There are also paperless coupons. If you have a shopper's card in some stores you can download to your card i.e. Krogers.
(check out allow you to download coupons in your shopper's card i.e. Ingles, Bi-lo as well as using your credit card at certain restaurants. The discount will not be taken at the register it will be taken at the end of the month and that savings will go to a College Savings 529 to a recipient of your choice.

There are codes you can use online to get a discount when you check out.

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