Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I just want to say "Happy Mother's Day" to all mothers, may your day be filled with love and pampering.


FREE Online Cooking Classes/Club
Betty Crocker is bringing you a series of online cooking classes/clubs where you log on to your computer from the comfort of your home called The Mixer. Each week a new class line-up is featured and you will be given new recipes, tips, and secrets to creating delicious tasting and looking food. You can watch on demand or participate live using the chat feature to ask questions. The best part is these classes are FREE! The webcasts are in the evenings and on weekends to fit everyone's schedule. The class airing this week, "Wok it Out" deals with Asian cooking and airs again on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. EST. Next week's topic is "Small Bites, Big Flavors". For more information check out The Mixer's website here.

KFC FREE Chicken Update
By now, many of you have probably heard that the KFC coupons for the FREE 2 piece grilled chicken meal have caused some chaos around KFC's nationwide! As a result of the long lines and frustrated customers, KFC has posted this announcement on their website saying that you will be issued a raincheck coupon for a future date (they will vary the dates so not everyone gets the FREEBIE on the same date). Your raincheck coupon will include the FREE 2 piece grilled chicken meal as well as a FREE Pepsi beverage. You'll still need to take your coupon into the KFC by May 19, 2009 (the expiration date of the coupon) in order to fill out the form for the raincheck coupon. Reportedly, some KFC's are still accepting the coupons so you may want to call your local restaurant first.

Thanks to Nicole at Nicole's Nicoles

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